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The Wolcott Latchkey Program

The Wolcott Latchkey Program is an in-school Day Care Program.

We are located at Wakelee, Frisbie and Alcott Elementary Schools.  We are overseen by the Wolcott Public Schools Board of Education and the Superintendent of The Wolcott Public Schools Dr. Gasper .  The Wolcott Latchkey Program is a non-profit organization.


The Wolcott Latchkey Program is located in each Elementary Schools Cafeteria.  Hours of operation are 7-8:30am and 3:15 - 6:00pm.  We are open every day the Wolcott Public Schools are open. If they are closed, then we also will be closed.  The Wolcott Latchkey Program is open during Half Days.  We have our own Locked entrances.  Wakelee's is located in the back of the school, Frisbie is located in the front of the school (Cafeteria doors) and Alcott's is located down the left side of the school (near the main side door entrance).


The Wolcott Latchkey Program wants to thank all of the Wolcott Families that have signed up for the 2019- 2020 School year.

We are full at each school at this time.  If you wish to inquire about our waiting list, you may call the contacts below during operational hours, starting August 28,2019


Wakelee Latchkey                                                  Alcott Latchkey

Supervisor:  Mrs. Robin Japs                     Supervisor:  Carol Indino

Phone:  203-879-8026                              Phone:  203-879-8417

e-mail:                   e-mail:


Frisbie Latchkey

Latchkey Director:  Tracey Fitzmorris

Phone:  203-879-8025