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                                                         ALCOTT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

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Mr. Shawn Simpson                                                                                                        Mrs. BethSickles

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A message from the Principal:




February 1, 2019

2019 is off to a great start at Alcott School.  On Friday, January 25th students and staff were treated to a anti-bullying workshop presented by Master Jennifer Couture-Kelly of J.C. Karate.  The students were taught about empathy and kindness and how to be empathetic and kind to others each day. They were also taught how to communicate in a positive manner to someone who is not being nice to them or to others by being an upstander and not a bystander.  As a culminating event students took the anti-bullying pledge and broke boards in front of their classmates!  

Congratulations are in order for the combined Alcott-Frisbie First Lego League  Jr. Robotics team, the LASA Dark Voyager Cadets. This year's challenge was called Mission Moon. Students met weekly from October-January to explore the challenges associated with building a lunar base. They had to examine ways to find or bring water, energy, and food to the base as well as examine what else would be needed to allow people to live and work there. They then had to build a model of their moon base and include at least one motorized part. They also had to make a share poster that displayed what they learned. The model contained a greenhouse powered by solar panels that used recycled waste and purified urine. It also included a science lab, sleeping quarters, kitchen, medical clinic, recreation center, and a storage area. The motorized parts were a solar panel and also a conveyor belt that unloaded supplies from a rocket. They presented their model and poster at the Farmington Valley FIRST Expo and were awarded the Creative Research Award. Excellent Job LASA Dark Voyager Cadets!


Shawn Simpson