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Mission Statement: The mission of Alcott Elementary Schools is to develop in each student the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for productive citizenship, including a personally rewarding quality of life, appreciation of our heritage and a commitment to the ideals of democracy.

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Kindergarten Pre-Registration Kindergarten Pre-Registration is open! If you have a child who will be Five (5)...
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Congratulations to all the 4th and 5th grade students who participated in our annual Fire Prevention Contest. 4th grader Nicole...
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As a reward for reaching 100% participation in the Governor's Reading Challenge every student in the school had the opportunity...
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On Wednesday January 10th our fourth graders participated in our Invention Convention. We had some very innovative ideas and...
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On Monday January 8th, 2018 students from Alcott attended a future leaders conference held by C.A.S. The students will attend...

On Thursday November 9th Alcott students and staff celebrated Veteran's Day. We held a town meeting run by students and invited...
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School Events
•  AES - 6-8 PM Book Bingo Cafe
•  AES 6-8 PM Book Bingo Snow Date